Fundamentals of Insurance / Autobroker

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After logging into the exam, verifying your name and clicking the "...begin exam" button, you will be taken to the first question. Questions will appear one per page.

The left side navigation bar shows all questions in the exam in red if there is no answer, in green if there is an answer. You may click on these to take you to any question on the exam.

The time and number of questions for each exam is:

Exam Name Questions Time Allowed Passing Grade
Fundamentals of Insurance 100 Multiple Choice 3 hours 70%
Autobroker 30 Multiple Choice 1.5 hours 60%

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Multiple Choice Questions
A short question with a list of multiple options for the correct answer. Select the best answer from the list.

Submission of a single question

Questions are submitted to the database when you:
  • Click the '<< Previous' or 'Next >>' buttons at the bottom of the question. These will also take you to the corresponding question.
  • Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the question. This is not necessary, but you may wish to save during a longer answer.
  • Click the "Review' button at the bottom of the last question. This will take you to the review page where you can check your answers and submit the exam.
  • Navigate to another question by clicking the question number on the left side navigation bar
  • Click the Review and Submit link on the left side navigation bar. This will also take you to the review page.
  • Remain on a single question for more than 15 minutes. (Autosave) the navigation bar link will not change colour until you change questions.)

Final Submission and Review of the Exam


Error Recovery

In the event circumstances beyond reasonable control such as:

Prevent the exam from proceeding as planned; the proctor must notify the IBAM office immediately. Time allocations will be altered based on the sole discretion and assessment of IBAM.

In the event the exam has been lost or closed out of in error, simply return to the login page, and login again as if you were starting fresh. You will be presented with the same exam question set and any questions which were answered that were submitted prior to the interruption will be available for revision. In the worst case scenario, you will only lose the single question you were working on when the outage occured. You can verify the current state of the exam by looking at the Question Navigator grid on the left menu.